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This Social Justice series is dedicated to those who have been victimized by the powers that be.

The Social Justice Series

BLM #2

SJL Icons #1

SLJ Icons #2


Circuit City Series

Circuit City #6

We all have tv’s, but don’t know what is inside or how they work. These disgorged tv parts are fascinating and look like a little cityscape where robots might live. I love upcycling!

Circuit City #8

Each of these pieces is from Upcycled TVs I got for free from Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. I take them apart and remove 

all the interesting bits, then reassemble them for the “canvass” for presenting the inner workings.




Latest News

George Floyd

When George Floyd was murdered, the shit hit the fan. Covid was in full force, and Trump was being Trump per usual. The vitriol between power structures and the factioned citizenry was spilling out into the streets! I’ve always considered myself a revolutionary, but...


I was born, raised, and resided most of my adult life in Richmond, Virginia, USA. This is an old town as compared to most in North America, with most of its’ formative years centered around the slave trade. Richmond was the capitol of the confederacy, and is second to...

Social Justice Series

My journey with the Social Justice Series began when our TV went out suddenly. I took it apart to try and identify the dysfunctional part, and found that the part itself cost almost as much as a new TV!  While moving it around, I scratched the surface, and noticed...


Viewing appointments available upon request 


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Open Hours

Viewing appointments available upon request

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